1. There is no magic plan for study.  How we study?  When we study?  And most important our motivation to study changes daily.  This means we can’t be rigid.  That leads to tip number two.
  2. Flexibility.  This is probably the most important.  What we did this week to produce results may not work next week.  Why is this?  It is because our mind is growing.  Every time we learn something new it changes the way we think and look at the world.  This will have an affect on our actions.
  3. 20 minutes at a time.  In today’s age 20 minutes is equal to two hours.  Put down the cell phone.  Here’s an even better idea – turn it off.  Get focused for twenty minutes.  Take a break and then go back into the work.  Repeat until your body tells you the study day is over.  That brings us to another tip.
  4. Listen to and begin to trust your intuition. This is really important.  It is about us learning how we learn.  What makes us tick?  Not the other person.  No two students are the same.  No two teachers are the same.  No two people are the same.  There is no one size fits all thing as we learned in tip number one.
  5. Final tip is a combination of two – Keep it simple and fun.  It is better to set out with a simple plan.  I’ll read the chapters during the first twenty minutes, take a break and then do the questions in the second twenty minutes.

Tips by Grade Category

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